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Best way to run website logon macro on remote VDI

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Creating some macros to get called on via XSOAR automation. One involves logging into a website and and performing a button press.


I have a dedicated VDI for macros and a dedicated account for running macros on said VDI. Currently i can hop in vpshere and local logon to the VDI. Then have xsoar modify a directory, which acts as an activation for the macro. Issue there is when vdi goes down for maintenance, user gets logged out and macro fails to activate when needed. Outside of enablign auto log-on, what are some other ways to essentially create a remote session to call on a macro.


I tried some ps-remote through powershell then calling on an MXE, but it doesn't seem to be a full fledged session, so no website opening/logon actually happens.

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I don't know what VDI you use, but in most like Remote Desktop the Windows controls are all paused when not connected. This makes even having a VM often pointless. I've even had clients who have had racks of old PCs that ran macros for this reason. The way we would do it with them is to connect to the console session of a headless Windows machine, typically using VNC. By doing this one can disconnect from the machine but the console session doesn't pause like a RD session.

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