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Need VBA Code to copy data from 2 rawdata sheets paste into corresponding sheet depends upon command button

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Hi experts

I have set of data in two sheet, i want copy data from 2 sheet , paste into corresponding value sheet name, through multiple command buttons

for e.g
Condition 1 : Rawsheet1 Column B have data south and Rawsheet2 Column B have data south, from both sheet all data south copy to south sheet, 1st range(A30:G30) 2ND RANGE(I30:O30)
Condition 2 : In sheet south In column C have states data when i click state wise command button corresponded states data will be in both range
please find the attachment


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You might receive better advice by posting your question on a VBA forum rather than a Macro Express forum.


There may be a way to do what you want to accomplish with Macro Express, but the Macro Express script won't be as pretty as a VBA script.

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One might be able to do this in MEP. If you're interested in that alternative to VBA, you might find some help here. 


I don't follow exactly what the steps are, but sometimes it's good to export the data to a CSV and then run ASCII File Process. 


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