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Wait For Window ?


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In my macro I use the "timing" function "wait for window title to appear"


But sometimes I have a window called "request" where my macro opens another window called "request E504345345".

the last 7 digi is a different number each time. E50 always is the same.


But here I can't use the "wait window title to appear, because I can't use "request" as a waiting symbol and I can also not use request E504345345, because 4345345 is different number each time.


At the moment i use wait for time to elapse, but that is not good enough.


The first E50 is always the same.


Is it possible to use ex. request E50* so it then will wait for a window title with request E50 ????


Hope you understand my not so good english :-))

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Yes because the command assumes a partial window title. So:

  • "request" is contained in "request E50" and also "request E504345345"
  • "request E50" is contained in "request E504345345" but not in "request"
  • "request E504345345" is not contained in "request E50" or "request"

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Maybe you also know to do about this:



When I use the wait for window title, then the macro waits for the window title.


But sometimes the contents of the window is slower.

So the macro starts before the contents of the window is fully shown.


But I can't find other wait commands that waits to the window is finished with "updating".

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You could try using the Repeat Until command. It might look something like this:


Repeat Until %N1% > 0

get pixel color

if pixel color = <color> %N1% = 0

if pixel color = <color> %N1% = 1

Repeat End


N1 represents an integer variable.

You would need to choose a location on the screen like the download status bar in the bottom left corner of your screen to check the pixel color.

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