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Keyboard Key Press Vs Macro Key Press


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Hi, I've come across an weird problem. I'm use Macro Express for gaming and when I set a macro to press any number or letter, it doesn't register while playing a game. However, when I open up the chatbox to chat in-game, the macro types out the keys. Somehow, the game is recognizing the Text Type function while chatbox is open but not when it's closed. Any keys other than numbers or letters work fine like F1-F12, Home, PageUp, PageDown, etc. Is there something going on with any settings that would fix this? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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The DirectX framework disables keyboard hooks to improve performance in the game which means Macro Express never sees the keystroke while in game play. The chat window is most likely a standard window that does have access to the hooks, which is why the keystrokes will play back in it.


Unfortunately, this means that there is no way to get the hotkeys to work while in game play.

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