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Function To Run Command Line Util?


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Hello cbv!


You can run a batch file from Macro Express using the Program Launch command. In order to trap what your batch file outputs, have it create a file, in a known location, that is named something like 0.txt, or 1.txt, and so forth. Attached is a sample DOS batch file that simply creates a file named testout.txt when it is run. I've also attached a sample playable macro.

Delay 250 Milliseconds
Variable Set String %T1% "c:\pgm3\output\testout.bat"
Variable Set String %T2% "c:\pgm3\output\testout.txt"
If File Exists "%T2%"
 Delete File or Files: "%T2%"
 Delay 500 Milliseconds
End If
Program Launch: "%T1%"


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