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Failure to find file

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Next thing to try:


1. Delete your macro. (You could instead just delete the one line within the macro. But if you're using variables in the script, other things can get messed up. So my preference is to delete the entire macro.)


2. Recreate the macro from scratch. Don't type in the path. Use the ... button next to the field, and choose the executable by navigating to it via the file manager that appears.


3. Test!

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I created the macro from scratch the way you suggested, but where it asked for the path to the program, the options were limited to Start Menu, so I had to find and type in the path - THEN it worked - surely that should not be the case ! ? No doubt I'll be asking for much more help before the macro does what I am after. Thank you.  

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You shoudl be able to find your program in it's folder in the Program Files folder. 

MEP had had a problem in the past seeing some processes. If you can't see it as acantor suggested, use the Task Manager. In the Details tab scroll down to your program. You will see it's name. Right click and choose "Open file location".

You can also use utilities like Process Explorer.

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There SEEMS to be a misunderstanding. I have NO problem finding the path to the target program in Windows Explorer. What I was expecting, was that it would be easy to find it within the Macro Editor; I was disappointed that I was forced to TYPE in the path.


ACantor made me aware of the ellipsis after 'Process Name' which MIGHT reveal the path that is needed - still to be tested.

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