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Multiiple Choice - Selecting Without Using Mouse


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Mx is helping me tremendously in speeding up my use of my computer. But I must be missing something, because I can't figure out how to do this.


Is it possible to choose from among a number of choices by just pressing one key and without having to take your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to make the choice and to click on the OK button? For example, I'd like to display a Multiple Choice type of window like this:



Type the letter next to your choice:

A Daffy Duck

B Albert Einstein

C H. G. Wells

D Jerry Seinfeld



The user would not have to move the mouse to click in a radio button or checkbox. The user would not have to move the mouse to click on an "OK" button. Instead, the use would type JUST ONE LETTER and MacroExpress would accept that as the selection and assign it to a variable.


It would be even better if we could select which letter within each choice could be used to pick that item. Example:



Type the letter next to your choice:

Daffy Duck

Albert Einstein

H. G. Wells

Jerry Seinfeld



In this case, the user would type just a D, E, W or S and Mx would assign a value to the variable and close the window.

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Thank you so much. It works very well


I noticed that it doesn't always underscore, but I can't figure out why. Its not important.


Also, while I'd like it to react to the typed letter alone without requiring the "Enter", you've shown me that the user does not have to move the mouse pointer to the "OK" button, and that just hitting the "Enter" key is enough. That is a big plus.


Thanks again.

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