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"Keep focus" on "Text box display"

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When I activate this :



Here :



The box isn't keeping the focus when I click somewhere else, so I have to click again on the text box because in my macro, when I press the "enter" key, it press the button "ok", so the macro continue and save in variables the x and y of where the mouse cursor is, and the pixel color at this position.


Anyone else got this problem in ME pro 4.9 ?

Thank you again. 

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I don't think the text box keeps focus after you deliberately give focus to something else. The two check boxes help ensure the text box is focused when the macro calls up the text box.


I'm not sure it would be a good idea for Macro Express to force a window to permanently have focus.

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That's the way my 4.9 version works, and that's the way my 3.7 version works.  The Help screens are a little vague -- see below -- but apparently Keep Focus is only for the initial display.  I suppose it would be nice to have another option -- either "Initial Focus" or "Really and Truly Always Focus".




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