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Calculating With Time


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Hello everyone


I have a small problem and I hope somebody can help me.


I need to choose a date with macro express and after done that the programm shoudl open a notepad and fill in:

- date date which I choose

PLUS (and that's my problem)

the date choosen adding 90 days.


So two dates must be filled in, in the notepad


Does somebody have any idea?? Thanks for reading




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Thank you for giving me an answer.


Maybe I didn't descripe my problem enough.


I want to choose only (one time) a certain date. From there the macro should place the choosen date in my notepad, making a new line and place calculating from the first date PLUS 90 days.


The printout on notepad (word etc) should be:



Date choosen: 29 March 2005

Added days: 90

New Date: 27 June 2005


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