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How To Label Variables


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I can't always remember which variable is for what so I screw up coding. I've worked around this by setting up remarks at the top of each script, and using them to identify what each variable is used for in that script. Its awkward and time consuming.


Is there a way to label each variable so the label would show in each command line that uses a labelled variable?


Example: I might label %T96% as "XtraTab" so script that did look like this:


*****************Variable Set String %T96% "Y"


would instead look like this:


*****************Variable Set String [XtraTab] %T96% "Y"


'Just can't figure out how to do anything like this.




Jeffrey R. Mazor

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We had a discussion about it here in this forum a while back. I'm hyper busy now so I don't have time to look it up for you. Just search thru my posts and you'll find it.


For item 2 look into the activation tab of the scripting editor and use the window activation. Then check out the various 'wait for' commands in the timing section.

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