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Me In A Win98 Application


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I've been using ME for some time now, but only in WinXP so I have never run into this problem.


The piece of code basicly looks like this:



and while it works great in a windows XP enviroment, be it 3d apps or whatnot, in win98 it doesn't, not while the macro "pushes" the shift key, if i push it down manually it works...


I've searched the forums but couldn't come up with an anwser to this.


The obvious solution would be not to use win98 :)


But the reason i'm using win98 is cause it's run in VM Workstation as a guest OS, on the host's winXP, and win98 needs less resources to run on the VM than winXP does (at least that's what i noticed). And i'm running the VM so i can run macros in the guest OS, doing their job while i'm working on the host.


As far as i know the problem doesn't lie with the win98 being run as a VM, but with win98 itself... i haven't found a macro program (that would do what i want it to, and that would be as easy to use as ME, can't waste half a day making a macro that i need only for 30 minutes ;))


sorry for my use of long sentences without periods ;)

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