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Were to find Code Symbols

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I have been using WinWrap® Basic Documentation, WWB-COM: #Language Comment to help me with my Dragon script. What can I find the same type I help when it comes to understanding the symbols used in Macro Express, use an example of the symbols I'm talking about:
<COMMENT Value="Generate random values for %CB[1]% ... %CB[4]%"/>
<REPEAT START Start="1" Step="1" Count="4" Save="TRUE" Variable="%x%"/>


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I don't understand your message. What symbols are you referring to? 

Bob I was wondering if you might have the direct editor view mode enabled. Most of use don't involve ourselves with the actual code, we mostly use the dialog based method of creating commands and don't know what most of the codes are they generate. In the Script Editor go into the View menu and makes sure you don't have the Direct Editor enabled. 

If that isn't what you need, please elaborate. 

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Oh, and the parts you have highlighted are the variables. Again, something one most frequently does from a dialog command. But if you look at the Variables section of the help file, it's explained. 

Also the "CB" is whatever name you give the variable one major difference form ME3 and ME4 was that instead of having a few pre-programmed variables, one now can declare one's own variable with a meaningful name. 

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Thank you Cory. I understand now. 


Dragon seems to be related to WinWrap® Basic. When I go to the Internet looking for help regarding the macro language, in this case it would be Macro Express, what language best matches what macro express uses. Now I'm not talking about the language of programs written in. I'm referring to the actual macro. What will but language is the actual macro following. 


In the case of Dragon. I have found a book called Dragon Professional-A Step Further. It has been a great source for me. I would now like to find similar source for a better understanding of Macro Express Professional. Don't get me wrong, I find they help associated with the program to be outstanding. I just have always found that a second source is very helpful.  In the case of Dragon seems to be VBA. But then that's just a guess.


Maybe it would be better if I just showed you. One of my Dragon scripts and how that script might relate in Macro Express:

Sub Main
    ShellExecute "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe https://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/forum/17-macro-express-and-macro-express-pro/"
End Sub
The script would open him up this forum inside of my chrome browser.


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I think a book about Macro Express was published about twenty years ago, but I don't recall the title or author.


A 20-year-old book about Macro Express would probably be 90% or 95% relevant. There have been significant improvements to the program, e.g., variable naming, but the old method still works.


You may not need a book. The Help system in Macro Express is exemplary. When I haven't been able to work out how to accomplish something, the help I've received in this forum has been fantastic.

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