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I'd like to be able to display a 14-item Multiple Choice Menu [MCM] window along side another window. This is because in order to easily decide which choices to make, the user will need to look at the contents of the other window.


I'd like the menu to be shaped like a long rectangle standing up. That way it wouldn't cut into the other window too much. However, with 14 items, it automatically adopts a two-column format. It's about 1/4 screen high and 1/2 screen wide and it blocks too much of the other window. Re-locating it doesn't help much.


1. Does anyone know how to change the size and shape of a Multiple Choice Menu?


2. Is there a practical way for Macro Express to tile two specific windows vertically or horizontally while forcing one to take up only __% of the screen and the other to take up the remainder?


Thanks for any suggestions.


Jeff Mazor

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There is no way to set the size of a Macro Express 3.x MCM dialog, at least not that I am aware of.


As to the second part of the question. You can set integers to the screen size and window sizes. Macro Express will also let you resize and position a window, so you have control over where it is and how big it is by doing some calculations and placing the results in the relevant fields of the commands.

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