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Dates With Boolean Operators


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I have all the logic figured out about and the only question I have is if there is a command to check to see if a user prompted date if that date is older than either 90 days or say a year old. Is Ifvariable using Boolean operators going to work for dates or do I need to change it to days? Just looking for an easy option without having to dowload the functions that are mentioned in other threads.

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More "MacroExpress" friendly, you can just import the DateDiff.mxe, gives date difference as %N1% (using vbscript)

if your local dates are "MM/DD/YYYY" instead of "DD/MM/YYYY" you will need to adjust lines 3 and 4

Date/Time: Save "dd/MM/yyyy" into %T11%

Date/Time: Save "dd/MM/yyyy" into %T11%

Then you can simply "If variable" compare on %N1%

Best, Randall


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