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I am a new user to macro express 3 and I am having an unusual issue.


I am running a macro that is comprised of many smaller macros. Basically the macro opens up a program, does something in that program, and then closes that program. To be more detailed the order goes as follows(each number represents a macro in the main macro):


1.) Open and Login

2.) Click on Group

3.) Open Database File

4.) Open Database Editor

5.) Run Database Macro

6.) Close Database File

7.) Close Database Program

8.) Repeat


The first time through, everything works fine. However, after the first time through, Macro express throws the delays out the window. I have even put in hard pauses, where it requests a key press before it will continue, and it skips those too. Now I don't know if I should be using a different timing delay, but right now I can't get it run slow enough to take into account if the computer freezes for a second. Even though, I have set the delays and speed so slow that the first time through takes 10 times longer than every subsequent time. Any clues as to why it is doing this?

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Fixed the above problem, just by adding a ton of delays on the first time around. However I am encountering a similar problem. I have a macro setup similar to the above, a main macro running various smaller macros, setup in a loop. The problem I am having is that before it gets done with the last macro in the main macro, it starts the first one again. How can I prevent this?

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The problem I am having is that before it gets done with the last macro in the main macro, it starts the first one again.  How can I prevent this?

Looks like you need to figure out what is really meant by "done with the last macro".


This could mean a window closing, a program exiting or a status bar changing to a certain color. All these can be checked with Macex commands.


The pseudo-code would be something like this:


Repeat Until "last macro is done"

Delay 15 seconds

Repeat End

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Well I have tried several techniques to do this, but it still comes the same. Basically what is happening is that the macro clicks the down arrow a predefined number of times. This could take anywhere from 2 seconds to 25 seconds. After it has moved down whatever number of times, it does the same thing in another column. I have a specific macro that does this. The problem is, before it lines up correctly, its going to the next macro in the list, which clicks a button. Then starts the macro list again from the top. This is all before the line up process has ended. So I am getting the line up process ending as it is a good way into the next cycle of the macro list. Timing doesn't seem to effect it at all. And I am not changing windows so I can't figure a way to send a message back to the macro to wait until the last macro has concluded before start then next one in the list.


Thanks for the help

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