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Mouse Move on multiple Monitors and negative values

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Hey everyone,


for some reason when using Mouse Move with a negative x value it ignores it and stays at x = 0 (negative x is the monitor to the left of my center monitor).


Accidentally I figured out that issuing a Mouse Move 0, 0 before a Mouse Move -1000, 500 works just fine. Makes no sense to me. Is this just a bit buggy for me?

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It was my understanding there were no negative values. The screen number might be out of order if they are physically transposed. I think to get to the next screen, you need to go greater than the width of your primary display. Launch the mouse locator and move around where you want it to go and see what the value is. 

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When you have multiple monitors one is designated as the primary monitor. If a second monitor is positioned to the left of the primary monitor the X coordinate is negative relative to the primary monitor. Similarly, if the second monitor is positioned above the primary monitor the Y coordinate is negative.

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Good to know.

I will add that there's this thing with Windows since version 7 with it being clever and doing a shell game with the actual IDs. It keeps trying to guess where you are positioning it. Like if you swapped cables and it wakes up it tries to correct. It is maddening, because once it gets it swapped. despite what "number" the display shows, it's hard to get them straight again.

Regardless, the mouse locator should answer any question. At least that's what I used to do. 

So is it a bug not being able to enter a negative number as the OP says? I don't have time to test it. Maybe you could try. Also OP what version are you running?

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