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Why doesn't Terminate Macro Express work?


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I've many many macros.. and sometimes I trigger one in error.. and some of them are long macros with many mouse movements/key presses etc..  so I can't get to the task bar and stop them. 


I've tried many times to use the pre-built terminate macro express key presses CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+V but nothing works.. never works. ( I've tried Suspend / Resume etc .. none of them work) 

I also made my own Win+ALT+F1 - to see if it would work.. but again.. doesn't work.. 


Would the fact that the macro is running and moving fast be the issue ? 


Does anything know why it wont work? 

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I have the abort hotkey set up as shown on the attached image.  I use a macro to type the hotkey combination, because it is easier than contorting my hand to type it, if in a panic situation I could even remember what to type.  The abort macro (below) is triggered by Keypad-1, which is easier and quicker for me to type.  


I don't remember why my macro repeats the abort hotkey multiple times -- I must have found that once didn't always do the job.  


This has been pretty reliable for killing runaway macros.  I think the only time a macro excapes cancellation, is when that macro is temporarily in a "Delay ... without ability to halt".  Come to think of it, maybe that's why I repeated the abort -- so as to catch macros when they were NOT in that delay.  


Text Box Display: Information // Message that running macros are being aborted
Delay: 1000 milliseconds
Text Box Close: Information
// Repeat abort sequence until this macro itself is aborted
// Keystrokes defined in Macro Express Options | Preferences to abort macros
Repeat Start (Repeat 100 times)
  Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <WIN>`  // Type WIN key with left quote
  Delay: 100 milliseconds
End Repeat
Macro Return



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hi forum


found this old thread...


how do I change the win+ abort macro option in playback?


change the filled in win+ to win+end or something else


On my old laptop I had a break button and i used that to abort a macro

but my new laptop does not have break or pause, which also is an option to use.

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