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Using color as check when others not possible


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I have a website where it's not possible to use TAB


therefore I use mouse to click a button.


Sometimes the website takes time to load that area I have to click in at my macro clicks the wrong place


wait to webpage to load not working here


So I would like that mouse only click if it's on the button that has a specific color.


else macro should stop


since button is small and have diff colors (text is white and button background purple) maybe the other way around is to say macro stop if color is a wrong color.


But anyway... I can test myself... but not sure where this color function is to find?

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just saw that mouse arrow cursor changes to a hand when button is reached.

maybe that could be used ?

Only click if mouse cursor is a hand?



Like this


Mouse Move Screen 416, 382

if mouse cursor is hand point

mouse left button click


Macro stop

End if



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