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I have a case management program that displays a number of different record types for data entry, such as Contact, ToDo, CalendarItem, Email, etc. I have made a number of macros for each type -- macros that ease/speed the use of that particular type of record. But they would be much more useful if they could be triggered from a MultiChoice menu.


Can anyone suggest how I might do the following:


1 When a record window becomes active, Mx would open the particular Multiple Choice Menu ("Sidebar Menu") that matched the type of record displayed, at one side of the screen and leave it open, sort of hybernating.


2. The user would continue to work on the record, and have the benefit of macros, such as those shortkeys that convert ".FL" to "State of Florida".


3. The user could also click on one of the items in the SideBar Multiple Choice Menu items to activate it and have it do whatever was clicked, and then the menu would either reappear if the Record was still open, or disappear if it was not.


I can't think of any way to do this except to have a macro for each type of Record, and set up a hotkey that would start whichever macro corresponded to the Record type that was open.


Thanks so much,


Jeffrey R. Mazor, Esq.

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