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Multiple Keypressing


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simply put, i want to be able to have a "key" depressed for a certain time, in a loop of time


for 10 secs

press w


press another key


when i tried, i got it to press once. Like when i press the 't' key, it repeats, but in programing you could do a


repeat 300

keypress t

end repeat

but that makes it pressed 300 times, and i dont reallyu want it to be like that...its more like i need it to be held down for 30 secs at a time,

if anyone understands, or knows how to do so, i would appreciate the help!


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You could set up a repeat loop that checks the system clock. It might look something like this:


Variable Set Integer %N1% from current second
If Variable %T1% < "30"
 Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N1% + 30
 Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N1% - 30
End If
Repeat Until %N3% = %N2%
 Text Type: t
 Variable Integer %N3% from Current Second
Repeat End


This checks the system clock and then repeatedly presses the 't' key for 30 seconds.

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