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Losing Track Of Categories


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The "Categories" are really helpful for me in organizing my macros.


If I know which category to look in, I can find macros easily.


But I can't look at a macro's properties and see what category its in.


Also, in the explorer Detail view, there are columns for Nickname, Activation, Scope, and Modified but I can't display one for Category.


I must be missing something.


Is the Category hiding in the macro "Properties" somewhere, like Activation and Scope?


Is it possible to add a column for Category in explorer along with Nickname, Activation, Scope and Modified?


Thanks for any ideas.


Jeffrey R. Mazor






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The categories do not show up in the grid or within the macro's properties. Showing the Category in the grid has been requested several times and is under consideration for a future release of Macro Express.


I have entered your request into our Feature Request tracking system.

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