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Cannot Select Text In Drop Down Box


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After logging into a web site I'm able to open a drop down box that contains many selections; its a dynamic box so a particular selection can be found in different positions.


I searched and found a solution that seems to work for others but not in my case.


The solution I found uses ctrl f to open the find function. I search for the text and sure enough it becomes highlighted. The next step says to hit shift tab to access the text and then tab to activate the selection.


My problem is when I hit shift tab the text looses its highlight rather then change into a mode where hitting tab again would actually operate the text button.


During a normal operation when moving the cursor over the desired text the entire box highlights and a mouse click performs the selection.


Any ideas where to go with this?




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If you are using IE and have access to a web server (eg you are on XP Pro or you have another server in your company that can serve up an interface page) then refer to an earlier post of mine about talking to web pages directly using javascript.


You fashion your self a tool bar which displays the one line interface page.

You then use macro express to issue/receive javascript commands to/from the tool bar/interface page for objects on your target web page


The target web page can come from anywhere and be secure or not. No modification of the target page is required for this technique to work.


This works very well and solves the problem of interacting with html or javascript content.

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