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Hello, I am a newbie with Macro Express and I'm here to ask for help with this script:


I have 3 URLs and I need it to be accessed successively (one after another). Whithin the needed time for each one to load completelly. Carying for it doesn't load before the previous one be completelly loaded.

And so it goes, till each URL have been accessed 100 times.

Note: The 1st URL must be started as soon as the macro starts.


How can I do this?

Could anyone help me?


Thank you.


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Something like this might get you started. This requires IE.

Repeat Start (Repeat 100 times)
 Web Site: http://www.macros.com [Internet Explorer - Wait to load]
 Web Site: http://www.wintools.com [Internet Explorer - Wait to load]
 Web Site: http://www.macros.com/support.htm [Internet Explorer - Wait to load]
Repeat End

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