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Hi guys,


I'm a day trader, i'm trying to make a macro that can auto type more than a thousand stock symbols on to the level screen text box one by one. I tried the file begin process. But the problem is that when you get the stock symbol through the file begin process it doesn't type on to the level 2 screen (what I meant by doesn't type on to the level two is; when you use the file begin process, the program actually copied the stock symbols from the file then paste it on to the level 2). I found out that you can not paste any word on to the level two text box but you can type words on to the level 2. So, here's my question, how can you let the macro get the word from the excel file or text file then let it actually type on to the level 2 screen instead of paste?


I have been working on this for days, maybe this is a very simple question for some of you guys, but please lend me a hand.


Thanks a lot

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How/where are the symbols stored that you want to type/paste to a particular appliction?


If the symbols are stored in a text file, each could be sequentially read from the file and then "text type"ed into a cell or box that has focus. You may need to do a mouse click in the text box to gain focus.


Or a series of separated symbols could be read from the file and saved as a single text string with appropriate separators (spaces, tabs,??), and then text typed into the text box after making sure the box has focus.

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