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Hello. I'm a newcomer to MacroExpress and am trying to create a simple macro that so far doesn't work.


I am typesetting a very long bibliography in which the items have to be sequentially numbered (but prefixed by a section letter, such as C23), and unfortunately InDesign's paragraph numbering system won't quite handle my problems. I want to create a macro that will simply paste a sequentially incremented number at the beginning of each paragraph. Nothing fancy. I am quite willing to run the macro for each paragraph. My main concern at the moment is that if I number the items by hand, I may make mistakes.


In MacroExpress I know how to set the value of N1 and how to increment N1, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to paste that new value into the text. This sounds really elementary, but I can't find a clear explanation in the help files. Can someone on this list give me a gentle shove in the right direction?


Bill Peterson

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Welcome to the group ... we were all new to Macro Express at one time!


The command for placing the new number in your text is Text Type. It mimics what you would do with your keyboard. For example, let's say that you wanted to number ten paragraphs. Your macro would be something like this:


1) Position your cursor at the first paragraph

2) Within a Repeat loop (10 times)

3) Increment your variable

4) Activate your text window

5) Text Type the variable

6) Have the macro move the cursor to the next paragraph

7) Loop again

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