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  1. I'd like a to use the Process Event/Process Starts Running activation method but I want it to work only when the process is started by the user, not other users logged onto the same machine. This is a common scenario on Citrix servers or shared workstations where all users have the same macro available to them. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you for your replies. Regarding Alan's point, that is precisely why I need to be able to control Dragon without using Dragon's hotkeys - with 50+ users I can't get them all to agree on a standard hotkey set. Some have been using various hotkeys for years and are reluctant to change.
  3. I need to be able to wake up the Dragon microphone from MEP. I can do this from Microsoft Word like this: Sub Dragon_Mic_Wake() Dim dgnengine As New DgnEngineControl dgnengine.Register dgnengine.RecognitionMimic "wake up" End Sub as long as I reference the "Dragon NaturallySpeaking ActiveX Controls" library found in "dnstk10.dll". How can I create a similar vbscript in MEP? It seems I need to reference the library first or something.
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