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  1. Thanks, that what i thought, i love ME , no need to look elsewhere. Cheers!
  2. I just tried Virtual Dimension, it doesnt work in parallel neither, i run a macro on desk0 and when i change to desk1 it tries to run it there, i am wondering if any virtual desktop program could do this segregation and retain keystrokes.
  3. I am using VirtuaWin V3.0 , the other ones were not that good, i wil try Virtual Dimension Thanks.
  4. To what virtual desktop utility you refer to? i tried a few and it did not work, Macro Express was sending it to the current 'in-focus' desktop.
  5. Yes, but these are virtual machines, I meant virtual desktops running in one machine.
  6. Maybe farfetched but ... can Macro express work in virtual desktop environemt, hence, i can run a macro that uses keys, switch to another desktop to work on something else while the other Macro works virtually in the other desktop? I have found some virtual desktop freewares ... I am just wondeing if anyone tried this before. Thanks.
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