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  1. I just wanted to share a tip. I was finding it difficult to understand exactly what was happening as my macro waited for or tested for various conditions. I have found that using the timed floating dialog box is a great way to provide feedback as to when the macro finds certain conditions. The command to show the box can always be disabled or deleted after things are working, but it seems a great way to aid in debugging things. I have not found it to interfere with the execution of the macro at all.
  2. I was not able to get Alan's suggestion to work. However rberq's idea of looking at pixel color I was able to make work. This was a big help as the timing for this particular screen to come up and go away after working with it varies considerably. Now I think my macro will work reliably with this dialog. Thanks
  3. I have a problem with an application where one of the windows I need to work with does not have a title. I was assuming I could not use the wait for window commands or if window title commands, but now it occurs to me perhaps I can use them, just leave the text blank. Is this possible? I will have an opportunity to try it Monday, but thought I would post in case anyone can provide me with tips.
  4. I want to thank everyone who helped me on this. The problem was indeed non printable characters in the variable. It contained a CR or CR LF or something to that effect. Once I understood this, I was able to use the trim operations to remove the offending characters and then everything worked exactly as it should.
  5. I changed all of the indefinite waits to time out after 30 seconds. This seems to give me meaningful error messages so I can chase down the problem. I guess I was confused and thought the macro would continue after a wait timeout. Having it abort and provide appropriate message is great.
  6. I have added a message box before the if statement showing both T1 and T5 variables and a message box between the if and end if so I can see what path is taken. The message box before clearly shows that the T1 string is identical (including case) to the first characters in T5 however the if T1 contained in T5 never comes up true. I also tried checking the ignore case box but that made no difference. Other than this test, the macro runs to completion without error.
  7. Attached is the macro I am working with. There are a number of waits which are indefinite. When the macro "fails" it is stopped somewhere I assume on a wait. I can abort the macro with the hotkey. Most of the time at present, the screen shows the open file window. The macro has a wait for this window, I do not know if it is waiting or has gone past it (perhaps the application ignoring the text the macro types) or exactly what is happening. Upg.mex
  8. Sounds like a great solution, however I have not got it to work. I have the following code Set Variable String %T5% from Window Title If Variable %T5% contains variable %T1% Macro Run:xxxx End If I set a breakpoint and look at the variable window T1 = "P4H" T5 = "P4H.vnm - Gravo........ However the Macro Run command does not execute. What am I missing? Actual macro attached OpenSpec.mex
  9. I have a situation where I would like to check if a window title contains the string contained in one of the text variables. I have tried doing this with an if window running or if window on top specifying %T1% as the text, but it does not seem to work. Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I am having a reliability problem with a macro. It will run anywhere from a few to several hundred times okay, then it will stop. I assume it is at one of my wait for commands, but how can I tell where it has stopped? That would be a big help in understanding what I need to fix.
  11. I have a question about using windows controls. I have a situation where either zero, one or two pop up windows might appear sequentially. Unfortunately both of the windows have the same title so I cannot use that to know which one is there. However, the controls available are different. The first has Yes No and Cancel buttons, the second only Ok. My question is, can I use get control to see if the No button is there or not. This would let me distinguish between the two pop ups and respond correctly depending upon which came up. What happens if you do a get control and the control is not present?
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