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  1. Thank you, Samrae, I'll see if I can get my mind around that and do it that way. I'm not a coder, just a plain old user. I made the macro via capture, not coding. Thank you very much for your input, Eric
  2. Samrae & rberq, Thanks, both of you, for the responses. I do see now how to do what I wanted to. rberq, yes it was a captured macro, not coded from scratch. I'll see how it goes when I make changes. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello, How can I get a question to come up at the end of a macro asking if I want to repeat the macro? I'd like it to give me the option of having the user press "Enter" for yes (I do want to repeat it), and having the user press "Esc" for no (I do not want to repeat it). I looked at the commands and in the PDF manual, but it's not clear to me how to do it. Thank you very much. Eric Configuration: Macro Express 3.1b Build 1 ( on a VirtualBox VM running Windows 10 Version 1511 (Build 10586.545).
  4. Hi, all, Newbie here. I just made my first Macro Express macro, and it works. I set the time to playback at 4x the original speed, but it's still slower than I'd like and than I think it could be. I'm wondering if there's a good, quick way to change all the delays in the script in one fell swoop (bulk replace). The delays range from ~1000ms to ~7500ms. Maybe the only option would be to edit it in text editor and then re-import it after using some regular expression, but I'd like to avoid that, since I am not good with that stuff. My thought was that I'd change all the delays to 500ms and see if it still works. If not, raise them up to, say, 1000, and try again until I get it as fast as I can. Another thought is to just take all the delay commands out of the macro and see if it still works, but I rather doubt it would. Any advice is welcome. Eric Edit: Macro Express 3.1b Build 1 ( on a VirtualBox VM running Windows 10 Version 1511 (Build 10586.545).
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