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  1. Is there a way to create a macro that will paste a text phrase that is a clickable html link?
  2. I have my shortkey set for ; and have a short key that is itself ; so that two semicolons together trigger a macro. This works in all programs. However, recently my shortkeys stopped working in my Firefox and Chrome browsers except for the two semicolons one which still works. The short keys work in Notepad, MS Word and elsewhere. Just not in my browser anymore, even thought the use to work fine. What's going on???
  3. Is there another method to use that would detect the pop-up error window so I could just Macro Express keystrokes to skip/dismiss the pop-up any time it occurred? I can't look inside Macro Express to see how to identify the window because Macro Express is running when the error occurs and so I can't call it up to see how to identify the pop-up.
  4. I'm only vaguely familiar with use of variables in Macro Express; cook-book stumbled through the process two times years ago. What variable goes in the T1 and how do I define it?
  5. I have two Macros that are of the form: "Move File or Files" with the *.* parameter so it moves all the files in a directory. There might be 4 files in the dir and 3 might be ready to move while the 4th is not yet ready.
  6. I understand the concept, but how and where do I insert the If File Ready logic and Wait for File Ready into a macro that is trying to move all of the video files in a directory from one place to another? Typically, it will have perhaps moved three files and on coming to the 4th files that is not ready I would get the error.
  7. I have a macro that periodically checks for new downloaded videos in as certain directory and then processes them and moves them to a new directory. It works fine except that occasionally the macro runs at the same time that a video is currently downloading and when it tires to move the unfinished download that, of course, doesn't work and popups up a "file in use error" window. Pressing tab and return skips the moving of the vid so the macro continues processing, which is what I want. But I'm not sure how to build a function into the macro that recognizes this pop-up when it occurs so it can automatically skip the in-use video with a Tab Return key combo.
  8. I want to have a macro that looks at all the files in a directory and then creates a new directory for each file (where the name of the directory is based on the file's name) and then moves each file in the original directory into the newly created directory. So if E:\temp contains two files: filename1.mp4 and filename2.mp4 then the result would be two new directories containing one file each as in: e:\Video downloads\filename1\filename1.mp4 e:\Video downloads\filename2\filename2.mp4 The newly created folders should not include the mp4 extrension
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