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  1. It's been about 25 days and there's nothing about Windows that I miss. I wish I'd switched as soon as I stopped being a programmer. A big plus: Standardization. I never have to search around to find Options or Preferences for an app, for example. They're always in the same place. Yes, I guess I'll have to do it macro-by-macro.
  2. I've jumped the Windows ship after 35 years, and I need to create new macros on the Mac (Keyboard Maestro). Any way to get all the scripts to a text file so I can copy and paste? Thanks. PS Thanks for the many years that ME has saved me hours of work. I recommend that you not consider doing a Mac version because Keyboard Maestro would be hard to beat.
  3. Thanks for the help. The resource thing probably isn't it. It happens when CPU usage, etc. is low. Sometimes it's quicker to zap letters with the Del key than moving my hand to the mouse.
  4. [Forgot to check "Notify me of replies"]. Needed to reply to get that option.
  5. I have V3.10.0.1. I've used Macro Express for many years--great app! When editing on one program (Scrivener), when I hold down the delete key, the deletion of characters starts and stops. It will delete some characters, then pause briefly, then delete a whole bunch, and so on. If I suspend ME, the repetition of the character deleting is normal. The backspace key works fine (no herky jerky). The problem only happens in this one application. Anyone else seen something like this? Suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks, Al
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