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  1. Hi Guys, I found this form, but unable to edit. I am naive to mep and my requirement is bit different. I have made simple macros but I am planning to make some complex now. Following are my requirements, please guide how do I start and can execute it. 1. It should ask me Name of X item and save it in variable, which it has to use it as a part of several folders name. 2. It should ask me type of x item, A type or B type, if A type, how is A mentioned, Capital A or small a, similarly if B type then how is B mentioned, B or b. Set in variable and use to give folder names. Also, it will be A 1, or A I or A One or A ONE, similarly with B, so it should ask, is it numerical, roman or alphabetical? if Alphabetical, whole in Caps or just initial caps or all small. Again this set it as variable and use for giving folder names. 3.it ask how many A's, A 1 - A 3, it should make those folders too. 4. It should cut files from one place and save it all in all above created folders and give those file names using their parent directory name. PS: Till Now I have made following macros for my above requirement, all macros are individual 1. to make new blank folders 2. To give those folder names from their parent directory, using string variables modify and append. 3. To cut particular, (%N1%) files and paste in folder and give file names from parent directory folders. 4. to make specific folders with specific names and under that some specific name folders. So now I want to club all those macros in one, and it should ask all info at a start, I feed info and it takes all that info and work accordingly. Even I am ready to PayPal if someone can make this script as per my requirement
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