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  1. Thank you everyone for helping me see if this will work. According to the knowledge base, it should be possible, but ME must be installed on BOTH machines? I tried to get a simple text to program macro to work in a remote desktop desktop environment, and it worked. But. when I try to send an email from my remote desktop, ME goes nuts and does other actions unrelated to what I want to do. So, to get around this issue, should i use Scripting Editor, or record my macro, and select "On this computer"? I'm confused.
  2. Hi Samrae! Thank you for trying to help me! Let me tell you everything i know. My computer is running Windows 10, and i want to connect to another computer (also running Windows 10) through a remote session. As i'm connected to my remote PC, I want to know if i can run macros from my local PC, to launch my FireFox browser and navigate through a website. Is this possible by using a specific scope? If so, how is this possible since Macro Express only sees programs installed on my local PC and not my remote PC? Or am i missing something? Or should i just install Macros Express right on the remote PC, and run macros from there? Sorry, i'm such a novice to this. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Folks, I was wondering if someone could help me determine if Macro Express is able to operate a remote browser from Windows 10? If this is really possible, can it be built the same way the sample macro Launch_Web_And_Fill_Out_For? Thank you!
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