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  1. acantor, Thanks for your reply. I have done a lot with website development over the past 20 years (1/2 of my services have been web related up until my retirement recently). I know that webmaster should make the Titles more accessible but the reality is that few care about that part of the service and instead seem to focus on getting a site done as quickly as possible at the expense of some of the more accessible details. This is why I thought of the idea of asking Macro Express for the option of triggering on a URL. It would help the Macro Express community overcome having to use 3rd party browser extensions that potentially open the browser up to security risks. I know I trust Macro Express people a lot more than I do many of the authors of Google Chrome extensions!!
  2. rberq, Thanks for the suggestion! It might be helpful to others....for now I will be staying with the option I have come up with as it seems to be working well. I did submit a feature request to Macro Express to have the ability to have a URL as a Macro Trigger.....and we will see if the author decides to implement it or not. - George
  3. What I just came up with is using a Google Chrome extension ("Add URL To Window Title") that adds the url to the Window Title in chrome (I also limited it to the specific webpage in the Extensions Details) and then used the Macro Express Window Title activator and that seems to be working well.
  4. Is there a way to have a specific URL as an activation trigger? Like for instance - if I have a bookmark on my Google Chrome to an application that I fill out often to submit then every time I go to that url it automatically fills in the fields I want it to fill in. I have tried the Window Title activation but the problem with this is the window title stays the same regardless of what url I am going to for this site.
  5. Is there an application for windows 10 that will show all of the currently used hotkey combinations and where they point to? Sort of a map of hotkeys?
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