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  1. Thank you! The Heximadecimal option worked! (Although using it in this particular application has an odd side-effect that it also triggers one of the drop-down menus, but if I add an ESC key right after the heximadecimal character in the macro the menu disappears again pretty quickly. Klugey, but I can live with that for the moment and hope to figure a better way to deal with it once I've played with it.)
  2. Thanks rberq -- your rapid reply much appreciated -- both seemed promising but unfortunately both methods still ended up pasting garbage characters. Will keep looking.
  3. Hi- I have library system application in which I need to be able to type Unicode characters in (specifically roman letters with diacritics). The application does NOT accept any input of Unicode characters via any combination of keyboard characters (i.e., it is not possible to use a macro that uses a combination of the Unicode value plus escape keys). The application DOES accept input of Unicode characters by three methods -- paste from clipboard, the invoking and clicking on the character in the Windows character map, Zombie keys character map. Since we will need to key in lots
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