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  1. I really like this Macro Express program. It is the answer to my problem. I have one person sit down at the computer and type for a couple hours a day for 2 or 3 days a month. Needless to say this program will cut down on my computer time. The only problem is, I know so little about the program, how to write it and how it works, that the questions I ask and my explanation of what I need, is translated by the expert programmer (YOU) to something I didn’t foresee. I copy/paste the info of your latest revision into Macro Express and the program does exactly what you said it would. I pick a first letter, I pick a second letter, I input a starting number, I choose how many times I want the number to repeat and presto, excel is full of numbers. Excellent job on the program. It works perfectly, it works just as you said it would and you are to be commended on your Macro skills (I have a sneaking suspicion there is voodoo involved but can’t prove it). The program works great BUT… Bare with me here. I will try to explain exactly what I need. Keep in mind that any fumbling and confusion is my fault. I know so little about this Macro program that I don’t know how to explain what I need and make it clear to someone that is very good with the program. Ever take a test in school and come to a question that you don’t understand? Well that’s where I am. Not only do I not know the answer but the question itself makes me confused! OK, here is what I need. I need to choose the first letter. (You have that) I need to choose the second letter. (You have that) I need to type in the first set of 8 numbers. (You have that) THEN: When I hit the macro key, I need that letter/number combination to print to the screen. Do nothing else, just print to the screen. Then I want to manually hit return which will cause the curser drop to the next cell down. (Excel will auto do this movement when enter is pressed) Then I want to hit the macro key again and have it print the next number/letter combination in line (without having to repeat choosing the letters and number I want) and have it print that to the cell and wait for me to hit enter so it will move to the next line. I need the program to do this as many times as I need (it will vary and you need not ask me how many letter number combos I need) until I have enough numbers then I can hit disable and shut the program off when I reach the number of consecutive numbered cells I need. As the program is written now, it asks me for, and prints any number of consecutive serial numbers I want but its prints them all at once when I paste. I don’t want to have to use paste; it slows everything down a whole bunch. I need it to stop with one number/letter combination until I hit return then when I hit the hot key again, print the next number/letter in the sequence and wait for me to press return again. Also I would like to choose the first letter and second letter and the starting serial number only once for each session regardless of how long that session (how ever many consecutive numbers I need) lasts. Here is where my lack of program knowledge comes into play….. I don’t know how to ask for exactly what I want. Hmmmmmm….. Say I want to print 11 numbers to the excel cells. I choose the first letter call it A, I choose the second letter call it B, I choose the starting number lets call it 00000001. When I press the hot key I would like it to print A00000001B in the first cell and then have the program stop and wait. I will then manually press enter and this will shift the curser down to the next cell. Then I would like to press the hot key again (without having to go thru the first letter, second letter, number selection routine over again or go thru the paste routine) and have it print the next combo in line which would be A00000002B. Again I manually hit enter, the curser drops down to the next cell and when I press the hot key again the program will print A00000003B and wait. I will then press enter to move the curser down in excel. When I come to the end of my secession which in this case would be cell number 11 containing serial number A00000012B, I would just then choose disable Macro Express from the menu and end the program. To recap, this is a stand alone program, used to generate consecutive serial numbers of my choosing, (regardless of how many I need), each hot key press will print the next in line number/letter combo and will stop. After I press enter I will press the hot key again which will print the next in line letter/number combo. I will repeat the hotkey/manual enter routine until I come to the end and then manually shut off the program. You do not need to add a subroutine to end the program or any other routine to make what you think would be improvements. I get confused by improvements! A stripped down, bare bones working program with minimum fuss is better than a highly refined polished production. Who knows, some day if the sun rises in the WEST I just might understand this thing. I apologize for being receptive in my statements and maybe sounding like I am giving instructions to a child. Matter of fact I really am talking to a child but the child is ME. I feel I must write this way to get everything straight in my mind so I have at least a 1% chance of explaining to you what I need. Thanks for your time.
  2. I seem to have lost MarcoPolo. Anybody else want to lend a hand? The above code is close to what I need but not exactly......
  3. WOW! Thanks! That letter menu is great and you are correct about the number not always starting or ending with 'A'. I copy/paste like you mentioned (thanks for the details on copy from REM, I needed that) and got the macro to run but when it runs it opens its own box in the center of the screen and prints the letter/number in that box. Also it prints only once, then when I hit the hot key again it will cycle back to the letter menu again. Also, the numbers will not print to a cell in Excel. Is this because I am doing something wrong? To sum up: 1. I need it to print to a cell in Excel. The maco needs to repeat with the hotkeys (using both first chosen letters) as many times as I need acending numbers (usually 100 but sometimes 1000+) with the letters staying with what I chose when I first started the program (A-A, B-D, or whatever I first slected) 2. Each time I hit the hotkey, have the number add one and print the result to an Excel cell with an ENTER key so the next hotkey number in the sequence will print in the next cell down. Hit the key again, the letters stay the same, the number goes up by 1, prints to the cell and then moves to the next cell. Hit the key again and again and again ect. I would like to start with say A0000001A (both letters will not always be 'A' so keep both letter menus!) and will not always be 00000001 so keep the number box also!) and each time I hit the hotkey have the number add one and print the result to an Excel cell followed by the ENTER key so the next hotkey number in the sequence will print in the next cell down. As for the spacebar, it is handy for me to use as a hotkey. I can always disable Macros when I am done, that is, have the correct number of excel cells (hotkey presses). This Macro will be a stand alone program used to generate number/letter combations in an excell program. All the rest of the data will be added later by hand.
  4. Let me make this clear from the start. I know almost nothing about this program or computers in general. I stumbled on Marco Express thru a net search engine and realized it might be the answer I need. I have played with it for several hours a day for the past 3 days and quite frankly I am lost. I wrote to Macro Express and they told me what I want to do can be done by Macro Express then went into computer talk about Variable Integers and Save Integers and several other things that might as well have been writen in Greek. I didnt understand a word of it but I did catch the part where the mentioned that IT CAN BE DONE. Now thats the part I was looking for! I have ordered a copy of the license and here I am searching for a pile of help. I have played with the program enough so I CAN get what I need by hitting the hot key and typing in the last 2 numbers and pressing return to print this to the screen but there has to be a better way. Let me explain what I would like to do: You have a serial number like this: A00000001A I need to call this number with a hot key (lets use the SPACE BAR as the hot key) and each time I call this number I need it to increase by 1. As in: A00000001A A00000002A A00000003A and so on........... Also, I need to be able to set the letters and numbers to where I would like the program to start. As an example I might like to start with A012345678B then continue my hotkey-driven numbering sequence with A012345679B A012345680B ect. It is NOT necessary to have the program ask me for the starting numbers and letters because I could very easily (I think) edit the macro with Direct Editor at the beginning of each secession. Compaired to what I am doing now, this editing would not be a hardship in the least! On second thought, you might want to let me know how to set the numbers to begin with. I am looking at this forum screen and the only thing I full understand is the box I am supposed to type my question into! I would much appreciate you’re help with the code that I need. Please keep in mind if you do send me code, I will need explicit, and I do mean explicit, instructions on what to do with it! I know next to nothing (or maybe even a little less than that!) about computer programs. Thanks in advance for your time and trouble GRichard
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