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  1. The color is right but the cicle stop it's the real problem
  2. there is other method for reeat this loop ?? i whant try to not use repeat until
  3. The function on vista not functionality very well any one know this bug ????? Variable Set Integer %N80% to 0 Mouse Move Screen 756, 857 Delay 10 Seconds Repeat Until %N80% <> 4210752 Delay 5 Seconds Mouse Move Screen 756, 857 Get Pixel: Screen Coords: 966,847 into %N80% Delay 5 Milliseconds Repeat End in xp is good in vista not functionality . WHY ?
  4. I move mouse in 756, 857 because in this condiction i have the pixel in 966,847 with 4210752 value the problem is in vista not functionality but in xp it's right.
  5. it's right <IVAR2:80:01:0><MMS2:756,857><DELAY:10><REP3:08:000002:000002:0080:0:01:4210752><DELAY:5><MMS2:756,857><GETPX:80:S:000966:000847><MSD:5><ENDREP> when variable % 80% is <> of 4210752 the loop must be finish but this finish and variable 80 is = 4210752 in vista i have the problem, with xp all funtion as perfect
  6. <IVAR2:80:01:0><MMS2:756,857><DELAY:10><REP3:08:000001:000002:0080:0:01:4210752><DELAY:5><MMS2:756,857><GETPX:80:S:000966:000847><MSD:5><ENDREP> this cicle must be finish when the variable %80% not is equal at 4210752 the cicle finish and variable %80% is equal at 4210752 but this only on vista
  7. i Post read on top, with xp it's ok with vista no think is a bug
  8. The pixel not change but the loop finish i think there is a bug with vista-
  9. I have the last version (v 3.7c) with xp it's ok with vista i have problem
  10. Example repeat until %N10% to 0 get pixel screen coords : 1271,8 into %N10 Repeat end In window vista is not functionality some time exits me from the cycle even if the variable N10 is not equal to 0 I have the last version of macro espress there is any upgrade ????
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