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  1. i prefer a simple code which populate each variable % t1% to %t200% with trimmed text but how to paste variable that is not null seperated by a down arrow i am new to this loop thing
  2. i want to reply to all there is a standard item code list of 200 items in two a4 page , the format of it is i had in excel i will receive the physical written codes in a4 pages all i need to do is select all codes in excel sometimes codes are continuous some time not i need to copy all excel cell codes into the macro code , then when i press it should enter each codes one by one below each line into software erp which is same like excel page. i need to define 200 variable i think then there is a space in the end of each excel cell so i need to trim the variable and load each cell value into a variable when i press a hotkey each variable which is not null need to be pasted one by one separated by a down arrow key-press where i am stuck is how to define to paste all non blank variable only or which approach is fail proof since there may be a maximum of 200 item and sometime i can select a long continuous excel array some time individually cell copy ( i want to select all codes by pressing down control key then all copied cells need to be loaded into macro as a trimmed list ready to be pasted continuously into the erp window one by one followed by down arrow as the erp column will not accept space) (i want to speed up this pasting process via a com connection if possible but that seems complicated) i will be happy to get a simple code only the part that able to copy a continuous excel column into separate cell values , and the part only paste the copied trimmed cells values one by one
  3. i need a macro to copy the selected excel cell into a dynamic array when i press a hot key then when i press another hotkey paste values of array one by one followed by a down key into another highlighted window please help it save a ton of my work
  4. I want to copy a column of excel and paste each cell values one by one below into another excel column where my cusror is, ignoring blank cells. I need one by one. paste cell one value then down arrow then cell two value its important. Splitting the array into each cell value is tricky for me and later pasting one by one value Please help
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