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  1. Believe it or not, still working on this one. The problem I'm running in to is that things are random. There isn't a set number of charactors and the numbers are not the same every time. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. <random type>###-#######-#######<random type> The ONLY that is the same every time is that there are '3numbers'-'7numbers'-'7 numbers'. I get saving the clipboard as a variable and then getting rid of the first part and the last part and then saving that to the clipboard, but when you search for something, I need to search for more than '-'. Does any of this make sense? Thanks
  2. Read the screen name!! I don't program, but I understand the basic stuff. To search in Outlook I use 'F4' which brings up a search window. From there I type in what I want to search for. Forever, it's been the same thing. Recently, it's now four things I need to search for. The format is '000-0000000-0000000' All numbers, no letters. The first three are what I've searched for. When I search, it's either true or false. I don't know how I can search for multiple things. Like I search for '1234' and I either get something or I get a system beep when I don't find anything. Make more sense?
  3. Trying to do something like this: If search results in Outlook equal '1234' then goto "here" Or search results in Outlook equal '2345' then goto "here" Or search results in Outlook equal '3456' then goto "here" Else stop macro (This is the rest of the macro or "here) The issue is that when I search for something, I hit F4 and type in '1234' and press enter, or the macro does. Does this make sense? Any ideas?
  4. I'm using CRT. Text will scroll up and depending on lag, it make vary. I would make a macro that simply waits and in most cases CRT would be 'ready'. The problem is, I'm making this macro to do mundane things so I can speed up my routine. I have certain text or a prompt. When that prompt shows up, I'd like for it to run the next piece instead of relying on me to start it back up again. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  5. Shift doesn't work in this program unfortunately. The way I do it manually, is litteraly, holding the left mouse button down, moving it and letting the button up. Gut feeling says it's doing it too quick. Thanks
  6. Unfortunately this window is used a lot, so type is scrolled by with each use. A select all would be a LOT after a few minutes. Even if that was a possibitly, you can't. Only the mouse, that I know of, can select the type. I can do this manualy, no problem! It's just "Mouse down, move, Mouse up" doesn't seem to select the type, even though that's exactly what I'm doing. :/ Thanks
  7. Here's my thinking. I've got delay's all over the place and it doesn't seem to improve anything. I'm thinking that even though the mouse pointer is at the right spot and the left button is held down the next line in the macro is to INSTANTLY move up left. I'm thinking it doesn't like that. Is there a way to move the mouse from point 'a' to point 'b' over 0.2 seconds? Thanks
  8. Tried that particular delay, and many others. I see the mouse move, it's like it's not left clicking, which is how the text is highlighted. Almost like it's just moving around and continuing the macro. Thanks
  9. I put mouse delays before every mouse action. It worked.. "better". Is there a way to simply slow down the mouse speed of the selecting part? My guess is that it's instantaneously jumping from one area to another and therefore not selecting the stuff in between. Thanks
  10. I'll post the entire code as that 'may' have something to do with it. Activate Window: "<window name>" Mouse Move Window 40, 705 House Left Button Down Mouse Speed: 250 Miliseconds(Doesn't seem to help the problem) Mouse Move Window 10, 510 Mouse Left Button Up Variable Set String %T1% from File: "copy.txt" Activate Window: "%T1%" Text Type: <ALTD>r<ALTU><CTRLD>v<CTRLU> The main issue is that it's not selecting! This works every so often, but as in just about all uses of a macro, I'm trying to save time. Thanks
  11. I'm selecting type on the window, not moving the window. Thanks
  12. For some reason, this doesn't work. Mouse Move Window 40, 705 Mouse Left Button Down Mouse Move Window 10, 510 Mouse Left Button Up Seems basic enough. Any ideas? Need some delays in there? Thanks!
  13. Thought of that. When I hit a button in a Visual Basic program, all it does it run the macro. At that point the window is switched. I need to 'last window' since it is from an email and the subject line becomes the window title so it always changes. :/
  14. Any way to switch to the previous/last window? Long story short, I've got a Visual Basic window open that I made with some buttons. When I click on a button, it starts to run the macro from that window, not the one intended for.
  15. Many thanks!! That was almost too obvious/easy.
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