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  1. wait for web page need a URL. I can't find URL's to this kind of program running in internet explorer.... No properties to look in... can I see Url other places?
  2. :-) have not seen this command before...thanks...
  3. I use this command "wait for window title". I use it a lot in a program running in internet explorer. The problem is that sometimes the program has some respons time. The window opens but the content ind the window is slower and opens later. the command "wait for window title" see the window as opened and goes on to next step. But the window is'nt fully opened. Can I do anything about that? In the moment i just put "delay" in the macro, but the days where the internet explorer program runs fine, it gives to much delays....
  4. I have a macro that in a mainframe window does this: ctrl+a (all text marked) ctrl+c (all text copied...more than 2000 characters) open notepad ctrl+v All characters is now in notepad.... BUT When i use the modify string command to remove characters after characters 999, then it will not copy text to notepad. I use: ctrl+a (all text marked) ctrl+c (all text copied...more than 2000 characters) variable set string T51 from clipboard variable modify string copy part of T51 to T50 (Copy from position 1 to 999) variable modify string save T50 to clipboard open notepad
  5. OK. yesterday I got a counter in notes that count mails,and give me a number in a pop up box. I can copy that number to clipboard. Can I use this together with your loop?
  6. Okay...this code will run the macro until the clipboard don't get anything. But when there is mail again how will it then start again? Am I right that your and jasons code only are half of my wishes :-) ? can i do this instead: I have to use empty clipboard the right places...know that :-) At 7 am i open my mail folder. There is ex. 100 mails I run a macro that make ctrl+c of the mail header If clipboard contains text it will run my macro 2 that handle the mail text When macro 2 is finished macro 1 runs again. When 100 mails are finished macro 1 will have an empty clipboard
  7. I know all about what The If Clipboard command does :-) I use clipboard empty. It's what the integer do i don't understand. I do understand that the loop is running so far as the N1=0 Loop will stop when N1=1. But when will N1=1? When clipboard is empty??? My problem is that I don't understand how this is used in my macro. That I use notes does'nt matter. It could be any program. The case is about the clipboard containing something or not. If I have understand you right, then this loop will run all the time and check if something get to clipboard. If clipboard is full the
  8. Hmm... Have tried your ex....i think :-) But maybe I don't understand it, because it's not working. The code just copy the mail header all the time. Just running in ths loop no mather if there is mail or not. I know I'm doing something wrong but what? What happens in 2 first lines in your code EX. ? As I see it's checking all 24 hours (all the time). Is it possible to set a 7am-17pm time on this macro, so it's not running in night? Do you meen this? : Variable Set Integer %N1% to 0 Repeat Until %N1% = 1 // clipboard empty // activate the folder in the mail program
  9. I have just found another way...... My macro starts with copying the email "header" (don't know what it's called. The text you can se before opening mail. date,sender a.s.o.) If clipboard contains one of 4 special words the macro for one of the 4 words is running... this macro i already use, just manually. So..... If clipboard is empty, there is no mail and i can use macro stop. If there is mail the macro go on with one of the 4 macros depending on whats in the mail. But after macro stop. How do i get it running again..... I still need some loop or what?
  10. Thanks.. If i use my own ctrl+e solution i can do it all in one macro. I don't have the key unread mail in :-( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\UnreadMail maybe because it's my work laptop. NO...it's also not on my own laptop. XP on booth machines. A search also did'nt find unread in regedit. Are you sure?
  11. hello.... I have a macro that open mails from a folder in lotus notes, and copy and use the text. I manually (with a prompt) set the macro to run so many times as there is mails. but I would now like that it run aut. when there is new mails. I have found out that the best way to do this is to be standing in the folder and make a ctrl+e. This will open a mail if there is any. If there is'nt any mail it will do nothing. I can then check wich window is active. But this macro only haves to run when my first macro is not running. How do I get my "check mail" macro to run every m
  12. I have forgotten to answer back on this. I never got it used. But now I will try again. It's new and alredy read mails. So nr. 2 does not work. Nr. 1 I will try. I'm trying to find out if there is a count that I can reach. There is a count when i select all mails. The number is in the buttom of the screen, but it's not possible to mark it. Only vissible....
  13. I think you have misunderstood. but what the... :-) my english is'nt the best, so no wonder why :-) The problem was that I have a list with server names. I copy one name and set it into notepad. But sometimes the clipboard did not copy the name and the old name was in the clipboard. Then there would be 2 names of the same in notepad. Så what i needed was just to check that the clipboard did'nt still have the old servername. :-)
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