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  1. You're right I can't work with a smaller file. The point of the file is that it holds data, even historical data. For now all is good, I much appreciate the help from you all.
  2. I wish I could show you video, it is very bizarre! I have now set the macro up as Sam said and it does not even need time delay at the moment. This has worked flawlessly for years, it is possible that a very large file may cause the problem? It still works perfectly as it was on a new notepad file.
  3. Well the 1500 in delay in options works! The other delay does not. However it's given me some ideas to play with. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Sorry, I'm surprised you can't read what I'm saying but... A macro can hold text, so that when you press a key that text is pasted into something that can display text, such as a notepad file. The text I am pasting is just text, literally, just words. The text comes from the text that is held in the macro. The macro file is made up of Clipboard start copy "My Text" Clipboard end copy Clipboard paste Text type <ENTER> Clipboard start copy "My Text 2" Clipboard end copy Clipboard paste Text type <ENTER> Clipboard start copy "My Text 3" Clipboard end copy Clipboard paste Text type <ENTER> It is "My text 2" which is failing to paste, as in, the text held as "My text 1" and "my text 3" is pasting into the notepad file, however "My text 2" does not. Unless I open a new notepad file, and then it does. As I say I've been using this system with the same files for over 2 years with no problem.
  5. After about 2 years of using the same Notepad file to pop a macro into, suddenly 1 line of the 3 lines of text in the macro do not paste. I open a brand new Notepad file, and it pastes perfectly. I use the old one and it won't paste the middle line. So, I open a brand new notepad file, copy and paste all of the stuff from the old one, then go to use the macro again and ...middle line missed out! It's so weird! Other macros paste fine. I hope someone can come up with an explanation cos it's driving me nuts.
  6. Thanks for that, I just tested it after a reboot and all works fine. I'll test it again tomorrow at work and see if the problem exits only in our interface.
  7. 1 line of every macro I have is not running, it's just a new thing. It seems to be line 9 on every macro. Next to it on the left is an exclamation mark with a rec circle round it. I've never noticed this before. I've attched a screenshot of that. Does anyone know what this could be?a
  8. Cheers for that Steve I'll manage somehow anyway then.
  9. I have a web interface which has 4 text entry boxes. I need to enter text in one on a shcedule, without affecting me tyoing into the others at the same time. Can this be done? The nearest I've got is it works, but it interferes with what I am typing at the time of the scheduled run. Can anyone help?
  10. I am using Macro Express 3 with our Flash chat window and am happy with the general operation and ease of use. However when I send the nacros to the chat window, my chat username appears beside each line of the macro. This breaks up the picture. I can insert the macro in another way so that it all goes as one entry instead of a group of entries, but then the picture gets mashed as the line breaks aren't there to organsie it. I would love to find a way to insert the corrct amount of space to fill the line up automatically. Does anyone know how this can be done?
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