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  1. oh thank you. No Problem, The book is in english, ME is in english ... but if you buy the book in english, just one week later its availible in german
  2. I´am in a big company, and all macros are textfiles on a network. but i dont want that, the employees import 100 Macros, i want to make a new macrofile with all the macros inside and the empoyees import just these one Macrofile. Is it possible to import a macrofile with a macro that runs on startup`? The idea is that all employees work with the same macros. Or is there a way to share it with my colleagues? sorry for my bad english.
  3. is there a way to make a word wrap so i can do 2 rows with one checkbox? like this: [] Test one [] Test two ....with Text (second row, same checkbox) [] Test three another Question: is it possible to buy the ME Book in german, is a translation planed?
  4. Hi, i´m new to ME and i have build a Multiple choice menu. But the problem is, that an entry is too long, and ME cut it, so that you cant read the end of this entry. I want that the MCM is wider, or it displayes the whole entry. it looks like this, at the moment ______________ |1. Test............| |2. Test with red| |3. Test with blu| 3 Test with yello| ______________ you know what i mean? sorry, my for my bad english. kramer
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