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If Variable Statement Not Working


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What the heck is going on with this? :angry:

I have hundreds of IF Then statements throughout multiple macros but this one is not working right.


<IFVAR2:3:01:1:3.12 ><MACRUN2:Monthly Send Reports From Lotus ><ENDIF>


Which translates to:


IF Variable %D1% = 3.12

Macro Run: Monthly Send Reports From Lotus

End If


Now, how hard is this?

But when %D1% is 3.12 is passes it right by.

I step through the Macro and pull up the Variable Values Window....Yup, %D1% is definitely 3.12, but it still passes by the Macro Run Command.

I tried making it: IF Variable %D1% <> 3.12.... Now it works but the problem is %D1% IS 3.12.

Apparently Macro Express is not see it correctly....

Any Thoughts on this?



Keith :blink:

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Many spreadsheets have hidden data in them that we cannot see. Unfortunately, when we copy information from a spreadsheet, this data is transferred as well. To eliminate the unseen data, you will need to use the Trim option found in the Variable Modify String command to remove the unwanted data. Once you have trimmed the information, you can then convert the value to a decimal variable.

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