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Copying Underlined Decimal Data To D1


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If I copy decimal data that has a line underneath from a website to D1 it doesn't copy the data, I assume it’s the underline that's causing a problem.Any ideas on how I can copy the data to D1 without the underline?


Don’t know if this will help but the decimal data could be copied to any of the variables; it doesn't have to be D1.


Thanks lemming. Got it working after a bit of messing about ;)



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You probably need to clean up your copied data before sticking it into a decimal variable. Anything that is not a number or period will make it invalid, i.e. set to zero.


I'd suggest copying the data to a String variable first, then using Modify String Variable to Trim spaces and Strip CR/LF.


Underlining is not copied into a String variable so you shouldn't need to worry about that. But look out for other non-numeric chars like underscores or tabs. You can get rid of those by using the Replace Substring option.


And finally, you will need to do a String to Decimal conversion using the Modify String Variable command again, this time with the Convert To Decimal option.

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