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Pasting text from a rotating list of variables?

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I would like to create a macro that would paste text from a set of predefined variables that would change after every time I used the macro. For example pressing the hotkey would paste "hello" then pressing it a second time would switch to the next variable in the list "goodbye" and so on. Would I create the list through Variable Set String for each text? After that, I'm clueless as to how to get it to keep track of what has been used and switch to the next variable in the list.

I tried to program it as simply as possible with my limited knowledge of ME. I set my text string (T) variables then did an if variable set N back to 1 to correspond with the number of text strings I have. It then pastes the text variable T and modifies the N by adding 1. This method doesn't work because I thought I would be able to "nest" the variables by trying to paste %T%N1%% but that's not an option it seems. Would I need to upgrade to ME6 to be able to have that functionality? 

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