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I have used ME for several years now, and I find it indispensable; however, I am migrating to TabletPc (Toshiba Portege M400) for much of my work in the ED. In tablet mode I do not have access to the keyboard, and this has greatly hampered my use of ME. I have found that a program called FITALY ( www.fitaly.com in the forums section) allows much better text entry than the TabletPC's handwriting recognition or Microsofts default QWERTY keyboard emulation, but there are a number of times where being able to make a gesture to start a macro (or to activate the FITALY keyboard) would be greatly appreciated, and FITALY at the present doesn't easily emulate the <ALT> key and some other keyboard input. I have found a macro program called AutoHotkey which accepts gestures to activate macros, but I think it is generally inferior to ME, and it does not appear to support some functions I rely on in ME.


Looking through this forum and the ME documentation, I did not find any capability to use gestures to activate macros. Have I missed something? Is anyone else using other programs which recognize gestures to active ME macros? I would prefer a fairly stripped down program to do this instead of a full program which includes handwriting recognition and the kitchen sink :) .



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