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I have a program that I log into, however it has 8 different logins. I want to tell ME to wait for text... then proceed with log-in. However, if I don't hit the first wait for text then it won't go to the next line which is a different wait for text.


So I know I need to write something like if not B then go to next wait for text... or something like that. See why I need help.


Does this make sense? - Renee

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Joe, sorry... I always go from point A to point C...

Ok, let me try again.


I have a program on my computer that uses a unique system code. then the Login name and password is the same. Every 90 days I have to change the password for each of the 10 differnt System code. I was trying to automate that by hitting the key of the unique System code.


The System Codes are:






NTH, etc.


The user id are all the same as is the password. So I wrote a macro to say wait for text... then I would type the B for it fill in BSH. then I wanted it to go to the next log-in, which means you have to open the program again.


But here is what I did, I just set it up to do the user id and Password after a "wait for Tab key". So I can just enter my own System Code, and then tab and then fills in my user id and password... and I only have to change the password one time in the code... However, doing it this way I still have to change each password But I think I just figured out to automate that too, so never mind ;) .


However, I wanted to finish this thread, but you might enlighten us to some cool script anyway - Thanks ~ Renee

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