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These Macro Express forums are provided for users and developers to ask questions of others, share advice, tips and techniques, and to openly and freely exchange information, ideas, and solutions.

Here are a few guidelines to help ensure that we all receive the greatest benefit from this forum:

  • This is a moderated forum.
  • Advertising is welcome as part of a solution, but spamming of the forum will not be tolerated.
  • Profanity, obscenities, and abuse of forum members will not be tolerated.
  • Help yourself by putting specifics in the topic header and not "Help", "Bug", or other vague subject. People review headers for topics they are interested in. Adding "Urgent" to the subject line of your topic does not necessarily mean much to others.
  • Address any issues or problems with the forum to forumsupport@wintools.com.

Insight Software Solutions employees may participate in this forum. However, for support directly from Insight Software Solutions, choose one of the support options found at Macro Express Support.

You are free to discuss feature requests and bugs in this discussion forum. But to formally report a bug or request a feature, use the Request a Feature and Report a Bug web pages.

Thank you!

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