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At work, I can plug in a 2nd monitor to my laptop. But everyday I have to open the control pannel, enable the monitor, move monitor #2 to the left of monitor #1 (coord -1280, -224), checkmark the 'Extend my Win desktop...' and finally hit ok.


With ME I can get the correct monitor enabled and extended but I need some help setting the coordinates of the 2nd monitor. I would prefer to set them exactly vs a mouse recording. I also have the PGMacros set but I haven't looked through it enough to know If it will help.



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Wouldn't the coordinates of the second monitor start where the primary monitor ends? If, for example, the primary monitor's resolution was 1024x768, then the secondary monitor's upper left coordinate would be 1024 x and 0 y.

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but I'm still stuck.

Not stuck anymore!


I think the debugger was getting in the way and I lost focus on the object. I happen to just let it run though and it worked.


BTW my last macro tool let me remove all of the timming entries in one command. I did not see the same in ME. Did I overlook something?

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Unchecking the Capture At checkbox (Options->Preferences->Capture) will eliminate the delays in macros that you are capturing. This might mean, however, that your macro will run too fast for the computer to keep up.


Capturing macros is a great way to learn Macro Express. You might also consider going through the tutorials and samples in the macex.mex library installed along with Macro Express.

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