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Best Way Save A Web Page Locally?


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Hi, I'm struggling to find a neat way to save a bunch of pdf files from the net to a local folder without loading the file in a browser and then interacting with the browser controls. Does anyone know a better way ?



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Hi Strathos, thanks for the reply.


That would be better if they were in static positions on the web page, unfortunately they're not!


I've now got a working solution which parses the main page source code and writes the pdf file addresses to a file; I then open each pdf document in turn and save it to my PC.


So I know the web addresses of the files, but not where they are physically on the web page.


It would be nice to be able to just use a file copy command for the "http\\: directory", then I wouldn't have to wait for all the pdf files to load.


I may resort to buying some software which downloads entire web sites, that would do the trick.

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